3 Apps to Help You Work Smarter


I feel like I spend more time trying to figure out how to save time during projects than actually doing them. I hate repeating processes and reinventing the wheel. I’ve been criticized at almost every job I’ve ever had for trying to break down the entire “standard operating procedure” before starting something. However, I get the last laugh when they’re still using my spreadsheets, programs, and suggestions years after I leave.

So, I’m introducing finds I’ve discovered and used in my personal ventures and at corporate America (and things that have made my OCD tendencies and impatience more tolerable). Some are oldies but goodies and some have just made a recent appearance.


This job manager is new to me, but we’ve been trying it out over here at SouthBrick. It lets you create different projects and tasks within each project. Teams can be created around specific tasks. It’s like a super-duper to-do list on crack. Asana will integrate with Google drive and Gmail. We haven’t utilized all of its bells and whistles, but it’s definitely helped keep us more organized and focused. It helps cut down on emails and back and forth chats on what needs to be done. We just pop it into Asana and assign the task.

Google Apps/Docs/Drive

If you’re not familiar with God’s gift to the cubicle space, let me enlighten you. Google drive with Google docs literally has every functionality of Microsoft Office for free. You can access your documents, spreadsheets, and files on the go. The best part is you can share docs and work off the same live file. No need to walk to the next office over or buzz your coworker to close an excel spreadsheet to make an edit. You can both collaboratively work on the same document at the same time. I didn’t even get into Gmail, Gchat, and Google Hangouts, but it’s basically what all the cool kids use. Get with it!


Grammarly is a Google Chrome browser plugin that not only catches misspelled words, but notices duplicate words and fixes your grammar. It will run on most windows open within Chrome and has it’s own interface to work on larger documents like blog posts or those critical anti-Trump or anti-Hillary Facebook posts.

It’s kind of scary how much I rely on some of these programs. Google Chrome has all of my passwords saved, my frequent pages bookmarked, my payment information memorized. I can view all of my email accounts in one place on my Iphone or go to a specific inbox when needed. I’m always searching for the next work-life short cut to spend more time on what really matters.

What makes life easier for you?

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