Content is King

Content is king. We hear this. We know this, but somehow the cobbler’s kid always ends up with no shoes. We get so concerned with working in our businesses, we forget to work on them. A great way to generate content for your website is to offer valuable blog posts about topics in your wheelhouse. This adds credibility to the services you offer and is a great way to drive traffic to your website from social media posts and keyword searches.

Okay, I need blogs, how do I find time to write them?

One of our marketing clients is a television host at EVINE Live, demonstrating the newest kitchen gadgets and must-haves. Between writing cookbooks and flying to and from Minneapolis for a jam-packed show schedule, Debra Murray doesn’t have much time to sit back and draft consistent blogs. This is where SouthBrick comes in.

Deb likes to schedule her blog posts right before a major product launch. She gives me a call and tells me the low-down on the appliance, the message, and lets me know if she has any photos she’d like me to use. Sometimes, she sends me over a blurb of facts and ideas. During our last draft, she said, “I want to get what I said in your cool writing style…lol You can add or delete but mine has the components I need. You have the style.” Sometimes, she’ll send me a quick text and says, “Put the Shannon twist on this!” If you don’t have the time to craft a blog on your own, it’s best to enlist the help of others.

For Deb’s blogs, we use WordPress. It’s simple, it’s easy, and user-friendly. We offer training to all of our clients so they can update and post themselves. I also love WordPress and its corresponding themes because it makes virtually everything mobile responsive. You can literally post from your phone or favorite mobile device.

So, I have a blog post. What do I do now?

After we get the blog to our liking, we’ll share it to her Facebook page and Twitter. She’ll then boost the Facebook post right before her show airs. She has seen a huge success rate with these posts and engagement with her site. It builds hype for what’s about to come on her show. We recommend doing this for any sales, events, services, you name it.


Some things to remember when blogging:
Keep it consistent: I’ve always warned my clients not to bite off more than they can chew. If you put a blog on your page and consistently post for months on end, then abruptly stop. This does one of several things. First, it makes your business look like it’s no longer operating, it disengages with your online followers, and it can create the illusion that your business doesn’t follow through.

Keep it to the point: whether you’re typing or video blogging, there’s nothing more frustrating than searching for a certain topic, seeing a relevant post, and reading on to hear about the author’s mom, their day, their favorite color… Keep it simple and relevant.

Use engaging images and language:
If you’re blogging a tutorial on something, it’s helpful to illustrate the points and steps. Make sure you have rights to the images you’re using or try to take your own photos when you can. Talk to your reader as you would a friend or client in person. Many posts can be stuffed with keywords and are equally as stuffy to read.

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