My First Impressions of Streak for Gmail


I was struggling with Gmail’s starring system to organize my emails. I have labels and files and archives and NOW the separated inbox for promotions, social, and primary. I HAVE EMAILS EVERYWHERE! I also have a ton of follow-ups. (AKA the emails you send people when they don’t actually have the decency to write you back.) I also hated how Gmail would group together what it thought was messages meant to be in the same thread.

Over the threaded message thing (sort of… I wanted it for actual threads), I was searching the ol’ Google machine for a solution. I came across Streak, a Google extension, that’s a CRM built into Gmail. This solved several problems for me.

I should also note I tried using Inbox by Gmail. It made me nervous. I wasn’t a fan of the view. I didn’t like seeing only a couple of emails at a time per category. It was new. It was scary. I wanted the classic Gmail experience, but with an upgrade.

I’m on day two of using Streak and so far, it’s already made my life less crazy. It lets you snooze emails for a later time. So, for those lovely “follow-ups,” I can hit send and schedule a follow-up time. There are preset times, so you can just click “tomorrow at 8am”. You don’t have to pull up a calendar and set a date every single time. It archives the email then pops up when you need to see it (if someone didn’t reply first). Cleaner inbox? Sign me up!

Streak also has “snippets” which are basically Gmail’s lab’s canned responses. These are pre-written drafts that you can reuse over and over. Think sales emails, answers to frequently asked questions, and templates. The button is conveniently located in the Gmail message box–no hunting for dropdowns.

So, the thing that actually made me install the extension was Streak’s ability to break up threads within Gmail. You can separate parts of a conversation and assign them to their own “box”. I guess the boxes are much like labels. The box can be assigned to a client and can be tracked for project progress. I’m super excited about this feature and hoping to really utilize it to its full potential.
So many deals and leads can get lost floating in inbox land. From production emails, system updates, and notifications, precious client correspondence gets overshadowed by crap. I’m hoping Streak will get me organized and set friendly reminders to harass my clients and coworkers! Lucky them!


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