Sly Bar St. Pete

Sly Bar needed a quick and easy way to update and manage their content. Our solution was built with WordPress, using a custom design and theme. We integrated our own in-house built menu management system so that Sly's owners can easily add and edit menu items without having to hit one line of code. The custom WordPress theme is always 100% mobile responsive across all devices from desktop down to an iPhone. Future plans include adding an event management system and subscription system for loyalty rewards.


The primary goal for Cycle Life was to have an online E-commerce store with the ability to go in and add and remove products, track inventory and update payment methods.

For the development of the site we chose WordPress with Woocommerce as the E-commerce framework backend. We designed the site to mobile responsive including the Woocommerce integration so that Cycle Life's clients can do all of their online shopping from their mobile devices. In turn Cycle Life doesn't miss out on those conversions where they didn't have a mobile responsive site before.

Future plans include Calendar system to book reservations for their weekly and monthly expos.

Debra Murray Cooking

Local food celebrity, Debra Murray came to SouthBrick Media some unique needs for her online web presence. She needed as system that lets her manage traditional content such as blog posts but she also needed as system that would allow her to manage recipes in a way that was intuitive and easy to administer.

We foundĀ a WordPress theme that met quite a bit of Debra's design requirements so that we could focus on building out the recipe management system and not get bogged down with design.